Founding Space


Founding Space is a creative consulting agency. We use story-based, human-centered design to clear barriers that prevent creators from achieving sustainable growth. We do this by producing workshops, events, and conversations with creators who are seeking to ground their vision and excel in their creations.

Confronting the Fear of Abundance


The truth is, I am so tired of being afraid. I am so tired of running away from possibility. I never thought that I would be editing photos in a coffee shop in South Africa, 8400 miles away from my attic bedroom in East Tennessee. I never thought that I would publish a book or go on tour with my band. I never thought that I would find more ways to extract beauty from this life and ask it to communicate, truth, hope, and healing back into the world.

Today, I’m launching Founding Space as a way to approach a very particular kind of fear that has held back myself and many other multi-passionate creators for too long. It is the fear of abundance—of taking up all of our space. Founding Space is a response to our need for confirmation and wisdom in a culture that is notorious for telling beautifully gifted multi-passionate creators that they are too much and will never make an impact on anyone if they cannot choose just one thing to do. Being told this my whole life held me back in so many ways, yet, today, I have chosen rebellion. I have chosen rebellion to the idea that the power of what I have to offer to the world can only be effectively and sustainably expressed through one medium.

Many of us are multi-passionate, yet we don’t acknowledge it. We love music, cooking, law, poetry, and sound design. While not all of our passions need to become life-long careers, it is so crucial to recognize the beauty of multiplicity within ourselves. We have the capacity to shift culture with the sounds of our voices and the works of our hands. But, we cannot do that by limiting ourselves to a single-narrative, or whittling down our design too simplistically. In his TED Talk, Malcolm Gladwell said, “In embracing the diversity of human beings, we will find a surer way to happiness.”

Founding Space is my invitation to the multi-passionate creators out there who long to be taken seriously helping them to create working systems that sustainably display the beauty of their creative work.

Very best to you,

Daje Morris
Creator of Founding Space

Daje Morris