Why I'm Niching Down for the Rest of Quarter Three

The past few weeks (*cough* mercury retrograde) I've been spending some highly intentional time getting to know myself as a business owner and coming face to face with my shadow--the things I'm afraid of and the ways I've fallen because of those fears.

As an #Enneagram7 (hellooo to my fellow 7's--ILY), curiosity is my whole vibe.

I can't tell you how many projects in the past 8 weeks I've had my hands on just for the sake of wanting to learn how to do something else.

Yet, I've realized that I can stifle my creativity when I take on too much at once. When I do this, I limit my capacity to breathe and really tend to my work in ways that are valuable and full of integrity.

All of this to say, I'm coming out of this season with newfound bravery for niching down and offering myself as a specialist and not a generalist.

Here's how I'm changing it up:

  1. I'm only offering custom website design and branding. No social media, no marketing/pr strategies, no email lists--just websites and brand system development.

  2. I'm choosing to only work with one client at a time. This allows me to devote as much attention as possible to responding and tending to the needs and ideas of my clients with efficacy.

  3. I'm choosing to work with only aligned clients. This is as much a self-care move as it is an intentional pivot. I want to wake up thinking about how awesome my client's projects are, knowing that the skills I'm providing to them will truly move them forward.

I've experienced this joy so many times before. I feel excited to experience it again with the right people--those big-hearted multi-passionates who long to speak wildly specific truths to their audiences.

As I approach the one year mark of Founding Space, I just feel really thankful for the adjusting phases. Being a business owner is hard work, but I'm so glad to be learning incredible lessons early. Here's to Q3.