what is founding space?


Founding Space is a boutique marketing studio founded by artist and advocate, Daje Morris. We use story-based, human-centered design to clear barriers that prevent creators from achieving sustainable growth. We specialize in building custom websites and breath-filled branding systems that help creators ground their vision and excel in their work.


i want to help you speak wildly specific truths to your audiences.


about daje morris

Data-based Creative - Enneagram: 7w8 - DISC: High Dominant Influential - Myers Brigg: INFP
Gemini Sun - Aquarius Moon - Libra Rising

Profound beauty is often found in the tension and I make it my goal to seek it out. I come to web design and branding with a background in Creative Writing, Poetry, and Design from the University of Tennessee, 10+ years of associate-level and 2 years of director-level experience in marketing and digital communications, experience as a UX designer, and my strong penchant to see stories told well. My strengths lie in the ability to help creators tell their stories with authenticity, bravery, and hope.

Find essays, music, photography, and poetry on my personal website at www.dajemorris.com